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HOME - the NDA default  page   < http://nda.da.gov.ph >

ABOUT US - contains general information on NDA and the 

Management Directory.                                       

     General Infos

         Vision, Mission         

            NDA Structure, Project Areas

     Management Directory

     NDA Dairy BoardCentral Key Officers, NDA Field Officers

PROGRAMS - pages contains the plans and programs under  implementation by NDA and as well as other projects and activities.

      Herd Build Up-

        Herd Build-Up and Save-the-Herd Program

      Business Development -

        Business Development Program

      Milk Feeding Program - Milk Feeding Program

        Industry Support - Industry Support Program

      Related Activities - White Revolution, Milk For Peace

SITUATIONER - Contains a Philippine Dairy Industry Situationer for the year indicated.                                                                        

NEWS - Contains latest local or international dairy related 

happennings and NDA internal events.

          Features- contains inspirational stories of dairy farmers in the Philippines

STATISTICS - Contains summary updates on dairy production, imports, exports and project staus of NDA project areas and the listings of dairy enterprises, cooperatives and dairy related institutions and linkages.

    Summary Updates -

       Philippine Dairy Updates, Imports Summary,

        Production Summary,


        Volume of Milk Imports , Value of Milk Imports,

        Tariff Collected from Milk Imports, Aggregate Tariff Applied


       Volume of Milk Exports in kgs ,

       Volume of Milk Exports in LME,

       Value of Milk Exports

    NDA Project Areas 

        NDA Production Distribution ,

        NDA Areas Production Performance

      NDA Areas Project Status

    Industry Players

      List of Importers, List of Exporters,

        List of Dairy Cooperatives under NDA

        List of Dairy Related Institutions and Links

SERVICES - pages contains information on Technical and Non-Technical Services implemented by NDA.

     Clientele Services - Services offered by NDA

         Breeding ServicesAnimal Health/Technical Services,

         Coop Development, Market Assistance,

         Research & Development.

      Dairy Techno Bar - Bits and pieces of dairy

      technology tips and related dairy information.

          Facts About  Milk, Lactose Intolerance,

          Dairy  Technology Bits and Tips, Vet Buddy

          Homebased Milk Processing

HISTORY - pages contain a brief glimpse of history on dairying in  the Philippines chronologically arranged by period.

        A Glimpse of Dairying in the Philippines

                           15th Century to Year 1978,

                                    Year 1979 to Year 1995,

                                    Year 1996 to Year 1998,

                                    Year 1999 to Year 2000

OPPORTUNITIES - in here we have some information that a surfer  can take advantage of like retailing of milk, availing of NDA  Services, bidding information and NDA employment opening.

    Retail of Fresh Milk - Coop Fresh Milk Brands /Contacts

    Availing NDA Services - Directory of Contacts

    Public Bidding - Bidding Announcements

    Employment - Hiring Needs & Details

ARCHIVES - is the repository of the old news in chronlology of  period published, the annual dairy industry situationers, archive of  data and statistics,  related articles and publications.

    News Archive

     Dairy Situationer -

     Data & Statistics - 1994-1999, 1995-2000, 1996-2001

     Publications - ______________;  _______________;